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This consulting service consists of building a computer model of the piping systems, connected to rotating equipment and other process equipment connected to the piping system on BOS Fluids.

The model is analyzed under different conditions / scenarios, depending on project requirements. As most usual scenarios we check the model for sudden valve closure and pump trips.

Depending on client requirements we can check the model for surge due to earthquake, slug flow etc. As a result of our surge analysis we will provide a report with analysis and recommendations for a particular system

Standard Scope of Flow Analysis
The basic scope of a flow analysis consists of:

1. Full Surge analysis taking into account :
Valve opening and/or closure
Pump start up and/or rundown.
Any other upset conditions that may cause possible surge related problems.
Pipelines operating at high temperatures and/or pressures
2. Assessment of the pressures in the system due to the upset conditions as mentioned above.

The results of the surge calculation may be fed back into the stress analysis program to analyze the response of the system to the unbalanced forces generated by the traveling pressure waves.

3. Recommendations on reducing surge pressures and installation of surge protection devices.

All calculations will be submitted to the client in the form of a report in a standard format to ensure consistent quality and easy accessibility of the results.
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