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Dynaflow International Inc. is capable of analyzing structures supporting pipelines, equipment, road crossings, valve pits, pedestals, supporting steel etc.

Proper analysis in co-ordination with our Stress Department will always result in more economical and safe design of supporting structures.

Dynaflow International Inc. is capable of giving expert advise in the design of structural supports, both new and existing.

As a part of the complete pipe system design, Dynaflow International Inc. has the capability to propose engineered solutions for the pipe system support, for above ground installations.

Dynaflow International Inc. is capable of analyzing and designing the civil part of the supporting structures for pipeline, like Teepost, Sleepers, Steel/Concrete frames etc.

Once the stress analysis and the support locations are finalized the resultant forces at the supports including wind effects are transferred through the steel/concrete members to the foundations. This includes computation of stresses and shears and provides adequate sections for the members of the frame. The main considerations in the designs of the structures are:
Strength and stability
Static and dynamic loads
Performance of its functions for which the structure is intended
Economical in first cost and maintenance
The analysis and design of these structures are being done in accordance with the International Codes of practice for steel/concrete (BS 5950 and BS 8110) using the latest software.

Input and Data used:
Loads considered in the analysis of supporting structures from stress analysis report and the data for materials used like concrete and steel are as per the Standard Codes of Practice for the desired material.

Structural analysis is done by using the latest software STAAD Pro 2002.

Results and Recommendations:
Dynaflow International Inc. has a strong back-up of expert stress specialists; our structural solutions will be competent and economical, as we are taking the loads from the stress report.

Additional Services:
Translation of paper copy drawings and other documents into electronic format (scanning and vectorizing) Vendor qualification when required.
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