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Dynaflow International Inc. is an ISO 9001 specialized engineering company providing a full range of services for both metallic and plastic pipe systems. These services include studies of structural static and dynamic behavior, as well as all aspects of designing flexible piping systems.
Starting from engineering studies to isometric drawings and site checks, Dynaflow International Inc.offers specialized failure analysis and quality assurance services and provides comprehensive seminars and training.
Dynaflow International Inc. is specialized in the design and engineering of pipe systems with particular expertise in the design of Reinforced Fiberglass Pipe Systems and operates in a wide variety of industries including petro-chemical, chemical, oil and gas treatment and production (onshore/offshore), water treatment and transmission and nuclear.
The company was established in 1966 from Dynaflow Engineering B.V. which was formed in the Netherlands by Dr. Hans Bos.
Dr. Hans Bos, highly educated and experienced in the field of mechanical engineering and fluid dynamics, formed Dynaflow Engineering B.V. in The Netherlands in the eighties as consultant with particular involvement in Shell and NAM (the Dutch OpCo of Shell) projects. He established Dynaflow International Inc. in 1996. Currently, Dr. Hans Bos is related to Delft University of Technology as a part time lecturer, and is regularly presenting seminars on static and dynamic analysis of piping systems.
Through rigorous computer analysis of the internal flow time history, the pipe dynamics and the material wall stress as well as through the development of a suitable supporting system, Dynaflow International Inc. has pursued to boost the service record of GRP / GRE as an accepted piping material for a wide range of applications.
Extensive experience in the field of all aspects of piping systems, design and analysis has been built over the last fifteen years, in particular, the design and analysis of more complicated systems under both static and dynamic load conditions.
Dynaflow International Inc. possesses a unique experience in the design of above ground and under ground piping systems up to diameters of 4000 mm. By means of our in-house developed support package, an accurate selection of support functions and locations based on experience and modern computer analysis methods, Dynaflow International Inc. is able to design and guarantee any system that is fit for its purpose and is based on client originated parameters.
Dynaflow International Inc. provides Engineering Consulting Services in all aspects of piping/structural static and dynamic behavior.
We built our reputation on solving problems that others cannot. We have the resources and experience to solve your problems today.
Since 2008 Dynaflow International is a part of The ENOIA group.
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